This year’s theme for UNEP World Environment Day is “Think.Eat.Save.” and is very dear to our hearts. The majority of education and advocacy surrounding the theme is about the massive global waste of edible foods, through over-purchasing, overconsumption, poor infrastructure, and more. FERN’s activities nestle in nicely, working to reinvigorate the nutrient cycle by facilitating the composting of the remainder of food waste that otherwise ends up in landfills.




















We decided to go big in Beirut this year, and we are hosting an entire week of events. We are partnering with UNESCWA for the launch event on Saturday June 1st, which will take place at Souk el Tayeb in downdown Beirut. Following events on Monday June 3rd through Thursday June 4th are sponsored by 961 Beer, and seek to quench your thirst while feeding your mind. Visit our Facebook page for more information, and descriptions and details on event locations.























Thanks to Joanna Khoury and Michelle Khalil for designing such incredible materials for these events!



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