In celebration of World Environment Day, and following a Saturday morning event with Souk el Tayeb, UNESCWA, UNHCR, and The Lebanese Food Bank, FERN hosted a happy hour on Monday night at The Alleyway in Gemmayze. FERN provided materials to help individuals reduce their food waste directly from their own homes, including this food waste infographic written by FERN, designed by Michelle Khalil.


Tunes drifted from Couqley, and happy hour snacks made their way out the back door of The Angry Monkey to keep things moving. In what is usually The Alleyway’s chock-full storage room, we set up a popup showroom for art and upcycled items. 961 Beer flowed, as did the conversation!


Paintings by Dima Boulad of Dessine-Moi un Oeil, colorful, whimsical, and reminiscent of some of my favorite modern painters, the larger of Dima’s work was applied directly to beautiful brown shipping paper. Matting and simple black frames had quite an effect!


Hand-crafted furniture by Ziad AbiChaker of Cedar Environmental sat atop tables in the gallery – these chairs are bound for Ziad’s own living room! Made using upcycled pallet wood, and Ziad’s own invention – award-winning EcoBoard, a beautiful material made from 100% non-recyclable plastics reminiscent of exotic marble.


Making her public debut, Garbage Queen briefly shined her upcycled crown on the space, but was soon bagged – as everything we had on display was purchased! FERN’s own label, Garbage Queen will be a line of 100% upcycled items for household use. Using colored glass bottles, which cannot be recycled in Lebanon because the facility was destroyed in 2006, FERN’s secret workshop is churning out some top-of-the-line classy garbage.


Listen in below to morning host on Virgin Radio Lebanon, Frankie Walters, as she gives her co-host Anthony the very first batch of Garbage Queen’s upcycled glass bottle line.

Garbage Queen’s logo was designed by our friends at NOBRAND

Photo credits in this post go to The Angry Monkey, click here for the rest of the album. Additional photos courtesy of here.



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