While there may be no shortage of brunch options in Beirut, Saturday brunches that let diners make and take home a planter are certainly few and far between. Collaborating with Beirut Green Project and AltCity, FERN co-hosted a “Gardening Brunch” where the entry fee opened the doors for a gourmet brunch buffet in addition to a gardening buffet.

Why, you say, would someone want to eat brunch and then make a portable herb garden? We say, why not?! Visitors seemed to love filling their bellies and then visiting our gardening table, which waste decked out with empty glass jars of all sizes, seeds for a variety of edible plants and vegetables, and buckets of a potting soil / Cedar Environmental organic compost mixture.

Standing at the garden buffet, we talked people through the process, explaining the importance of the right amount of water, especially for planters that do not have drainage holes. Urging participants to look at the soil through the jar as they watered, we helped people to understand that in a closed atmosphere, a little water can go a long way.

We can’t wait to have another event like this. One of our main goals is to break down the barriers to urban gardening. Lots of people told us that they were afraid of plants, because they have had bad experiences with killing them in the past. We deduced that lots of premature houseplant deaths could be attributed to overwatering!

Using compost made from food waste to grow new food is a concept very near and dear to our hearts, and we cannot wait until the next event.

Check out Beirut Green Project’s post for more photos. And stay tuned for the next event!


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