Here in Beirut, we like to think that our city is just like every other. Big. Bustling. Organized chaos. To our great and collective disappointment, Beirut is considerably filthier than the rest. Foreigners step into the country, immediately scrunching their noses against the thick, foggy pollution that plagues our breathing air. Walking through the streets is no comfort; debris piled high that serves as a feeding ground for beggars and junk collectors tarnishes the beauty of the city.
Watching them, we realize just how much is wasted every day. Recycling in Lebanon is basically nonexistent, and very few efforts have been made to change that.
That is, until now.

Meet Naji Boustany and Meredith Danber-Ficcarelli—the cofounders of FERN, perhaps the only NGO in Beirut with skill enough to combine food and garbage in a massive effort to make Beirut go green.

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