FERN advocates for environmental stewardship by illuminating the issue of food waste and connecting food establishments with responsible organic waste treatment services.

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We work to close the loop. FERN helps to keep nutrients within the agricultural cycle by ensuring that the organic portion of restaurant waste is composted instead of landfilled. Decomposing organic matter avoids contact with other waste, thus maintaining the value and improving the recycling rate for these materials. FERN works with food establishments to improve recycling rates of reusable materials and organic waste. With every new membership, FERN conducts an audit of the kitchen, to analyze the waste stream and advise the food establishment on areas where they can cut back on existing waste production.

What We Do

FERN provides tailored training sessions to restaurant staff, explaining the importance of sorting waste to maintain the integrity of the valuable materials within. Waste categories in food establishments generally include “organic,” “glass and recyclables,” and “other.” FERN directly trains all staff members, provides a detailed waste separation training manual to each establishment, advises restaurant managers on follow-up, and remains available for any further questions or additional training as necessary.

What We Do

In Beirut, FERN collects all waste from food establishments, because organic waste carting services are not yet available in the municipal solid waste market. FERN works with local organic waste treatment outlets to ensure efficient and responsible processing of organic materials into value-added resources. Partners include Cedar Environmental in Lebanon, a municipal recycling company that utilizes an innovative mechanical process to produce organic-grade fertilizer and soil conditioners.

What We Do
In collaboration with local food establishments, FERN works to collect leftover foods and transport them in a timely manner to organizations that serve local people in need.


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