The British Embassy Beirut provided a small grant to FERN to assist in operations and to further FERN’s mission. The Embassy lends its media network to FERN for event promotions and we work to collaborate on public events.
AltCity is a new social venture based in Beirut, Lebanon. Their main goal is to help innovative, creative, high impact, and socially-relevant media and entrepreneurial efforts do amazing things by giving them access to tools, resources, workspace, advising/mentoring, and a vibrant community of support.
Tired with the lack of quality beer in Lebanon, Mazen Hajjar and his friends started to brew beer in his very own kitchen. They decided that brewing a good beer for a great country was what they wanted to do the most. When 961 Beer officially began brewing they were one of the smallest breweries in the world, and the only microbrewery in the Middle East (and still are). Although 961 Beer now brews nearly 2 million liters per year, they still insist upon making beer using the very same principles: traditional techniques, quality ingredients and love.
Cedar Environmental was established in February 1999 to put the Dynamic Composting TechnologyTM to use in Municipal Solid Waste treatment. They use enzyme technology to accelerate degradation of organic waste into compost inside their patented and registered Rotary Drum ComposterTM . Their technology is based on research and development work done at Rutgers University, College of Engineering, New Jersey, USA.
BeirutRestaurants.com is the leading online resource and directory for restaurants in Beirut and Lebanon. As the most consistently updated database for local restaurants, they tantalize our senses with a diverse selection for residents and tourists alike
Beirut.com is the leading online guide and directory to discovering everything there is to do in Lebanon’s capital. User-friendly and a valuable resource for locals and visitors alike, Beirut.com takes all the hassle out of finding restaurants, shops, attractions, hotels, concerts – anything you want. If it’s happening in Lebanon, it’s happening on Beirut.com.
A non-profit organization fighting to overcome hunger by developing effective feeding programs in parallel with development & awareness programs to eliminate hunger in Lebanon by 2020. Objective: To serve and support all needy Lebanese in all Lebanon’s regions, those who are unable to work for improving their way of life, with no discrimination regarding political, ethnical or religious beliefs.
A plastics company unlike the rest. Collaborating with FERN to improve the recovery of materials and create beauty from waste.
Ensuring that FERN’s events are known far and wide!
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