Mission: We believe that resource management must incorporate and move beyond recycling and composting, and we work with food establishments to reduce overall waste generation and donate leftovers to local foodbanks.
Vision: FERN seeks to close the loop between food production and food waste, by composting organics into fertilizer, providing food access to the hungry by donating leftover meals, increasing recycling rates, and creating employment opportunities.
FERN [Food Establishments Recycling Nutrients] designs, implements, and oversees materials composting and recycling projects for food establishments, diverting waste from landfills by providing an environmentally responsible waste transport and treatment option where one does not currently exist.
FERN provides transportation of waste from the food establishment’s kitchen directly to a waste treatment location, where organic waste is composted for use as organic fertilizer instead of being destined for a landfill.

 Strategic Objectives

  • Analyze the waste stream and develop logistics in participating establishments

  • Provide on-site waste separation training to maintain the value of materials and increase recycling rates

  • Manage a daily collection route, transporting all waste to the treatment plants for composting and recycling

  • Generate employment opportunities and facilitate local economic development


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